Evaluation 5

In this post, I’ve reposted my final edit on Youtube, but this time, I amexplaining why these specific shots would attract my targeted audience with the use of the key area. This could give the audience a better image of how and and why weorganised the cinematography mise en scene and editing in the movie.Below is the Video.

I shall list each each of the Shot in order using numbers

  • 1)The first shot is important for many reasons. Firstly Universal studio is a well known production company and has its experience from a lot of Film noir movies.  This  will give a first impression to the audience that they might enjoy the movie. Seconly  all having the old Ident of Universal directly attracts my older audience because it’s a movie from their time, it makes it more authentic.


  • 2)For editing, having a French title makes the Movie it more mysterious and original and for the  ‘hipster’ audience. Plus, using an old movie filter makes the movie more vintage and authentic


  • 3)In this shot, Due to the settings and props of Mise en scene (made  by me)  the audience can directly notice that the area it’s an old mansion with its expensive paintings and old furniture.
  • 4) On this shot,Phillipused the cinematography to show attraction to the  target audience in many aspects. First of all, by doing a close up of a glass being filled with whiskey which reflects the drink of the audience. And with the lighting reflecting on the glass, this gives more importance to the romanticism respecting the Film Noir genre.
  • 5) In this shot, the cinematography also plays a big role by using a warm’s eye angle shot and the side lighting that shows the darkness of the character. Also, the mise en scene, with the body acting, with the character using slow movement to create suspense and relates to the mystery of the Film genre.


  • 6) In this shot, the cinematography plays again an important roles with the use of a 360 degrees shot showing the scene from every point of view of a man being tortured by members of the mafia. This brings a dark ambience that relates perfectly to the Film Noir Genre .


  • 7) In this shot we could see that the mise en scene is having an impact with the characters costume. He is wearing Wearing an old fashioned waste coat that suits perfectly the setting oft he story .


  • 8) In this shot, the cinematography has a big impact with the side key lighting that give a quite mysterious and dark image to the character. Also, with the mis en scene with his facial expression, he looks like a really dark minded character and it brings mystery to the story and this would be a proper element that could attract my audience.


  • 9)

    And lastly, due to the editing, it leaves us a big impact with the use of a gun shot sound effect cut from  scene to titles. This gives a clever touch of suspense for the audience and makes them more curios. Also  the soundtrack being a dynamic jazz track/blues  that make the audience remember that are watching film set in the 30s. As an ending of Philipp opening scene, I must say that the the editing maneuver could had a big impact on the targeted audience.


Evaluation 1

In this blog post I’ve posted the 9 KEY shots. How they relate to a real media project. I have numbered the order of shots and filmed myself talking about each shot in order.

The reason why I have done this is because I needed to present the 9 key shots that have cinematography, mise  en scene, props and setting. This will give the viewers a better look and analysis on the film.

Shot 1

Shot 2


Shot 3

Shot 4

Shot 5

Shot 6

Shot 7

Shot 8

Shot 9

Evaluation Task 4

On this picture, I represented a perfect example of
audience member. With the genre that I use to make my movie, my main target audience is the male people in there late teens especially ‘hipsters’, young adults and of course older people that had these movies in cinemas at their time. After consulting the website, I understood how to make the choice of my audience members. By reading the different categorises


The reason why teenagers and young adults are watching film noir is because  they are curious about the techniques or storyline used for them, they consider it also ”retro”. As they say on the website, their lifestyle is labeled as ‘indie’ which stands for independent, out of the mainstream.

I also chose older people to be the main target of audience because Film noir movies were made in the 1950’s . They grew up with film noir.

Evaluation Task 6

For our final edit and product some technology was used to create it and share it.

To start we needed a camera to film our footage. This is an 180 mega pixel camera and was capable of filming in 1080p at 60 Frames per second which is very good quality. The camera also is generally very easy to use and we didn’t have to waste a lot of time setting up the camera for filming.


We used iMovie. iMovie is a free software built in to apple products. The reason we decided to use iMovie instead of other editing softwares such as final cut and adobe premiere is that they are quite advanced editing softwares so it was easier for us to edit using iMovie whilst learning some more advanced stuff within the software itself and achieve a good quality outcome.

We edited our footage in iMovie using a macbook pro. It is a powerful device and was capable of editing our footage efficiently and effectively in good quality without any problems like lag. It was Philipp’s Macbook.


We published our Video on the  platform YouTube. YouTube is used Everyay  and is free.. This meant we could upload other clips besides our final product example second edit.  So we copy and pasted the link to our blog so anyone looking at our blog could see what we were posting with ease.



For Blogging purposes we used WordPress. WordPress has been reliable and efficient in blogging.


Overall we must say that all these ways of Distribution were relatively easy to use and helped us achieve a good quality final product.


Task 38

Due to some feedback  we had to change some of the shot in different areas like framing or timing.The voice of actors, the score and sound effects needed to be modified in volume or timing again. In the original script, the characters are having a verbal fight and require swear words, we had to mute them to be able to present them as our AS project. All of us did a bit of editing in their own laptops then we combined everything on mine.